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"I found Dr. Jena during my second pregnancy. I was struggling with lots of pain and was excited to find a female chiropractor that could work on my pregnant body while making me feel comfortable.
Dr. Jena was nothing short of amazing during my entire pregnancy; she eased my pain and was a great listening ear during my appointments. I also loved that my oldest child was able to come to my appointments with me and play in the play room while I was being adjusted.
Postpartum, Dr. Jena has continued to be wonderful. Appointments have become a family affair with my husband, baby, and myself being adjusted. When we have to skip appointments for one reason or another our bodies go through Dr. Jena withdrawals which is more proof that she is skilled at what she does. We are so thankful to have found Dr. Jena and her practice. She continues to provide amazing service, helps our whole family with issues that arise as well as maintenance, and provides a welcoming space that make visits an enjoyable experience.
" -K. G.

"I brought my sweet baby girl to see Dr. Jena because she was extremely colicky in the hospital due to lip/tongue tie and being born quickly. Dr. Jena was truly so amazing in our sessions. She told me exactly what she was doing to help Oakley and asked permission to do every step. She was so compassionate and easy to talk to and make sure to make us feel like we weren’t alone in a time of struggling. She gave me massages to do at home as well as other tips to help us at home combat the symptoms of colic and get her relief. We saw results immediately. Dr. Jena also confirmed Oakley’s lip and tongue tie for us and let us know how bad it was so we could decide whether a revision was needed. We will forever be so thankful to be a part of the office and have her take such wonderful care of Oakley. I will be using her for a chiropractor through every milestone for Oakley and all our new experiences through life, including my next pregnancy and our next baby!" -K.G.

"Dr. Jena is INCREDIBLE! She went above and beyond caring for me my entire pregnancy. She took time to answer my questions and educate me on stretches and modifications I could do to relieve my discomforts. I truly believe she helped prepare me and my body to have the birth I wanted! Couldn’t recommend her enough." -M.S.

" Dr. Snyder, thank you!  I’m very impressed with Dr. Snyder’s expertise. You can tell with each appt that she is well-learned and takes chiropractic care for women very seriously! I started seeing her when I was pregnant, and was amazed at the relief I got with each visit. I appreciate the different and gentle techniques that she uses in her practice. She is a very caring and compassionate doctor. It’s a blessing to receive chiropractic care from someone who understands and truly values women’s health!-A.S.

"I remember my first adjustment with Dr. Jena. She narrated her care (so I knew what to expect), asked permission before adjusting, and educated me on the needs of my body. She has walked with me through injuries, routine maintenance, and women’s health issues. I continue to see Jena because she is thorough, considerate, and intuitive. She has a great foundation for a holistic approach to services." -E.S

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